Alpha & Beta Male

5 Amazing Ways How You Can Get An Alpha Male Personality?

Hopper is a 27 years employee in a multinational company. He plays guitar very good as well. But when he goes to some to some of his concerts he does not get as much attention as he deserves. He feels that he is good looking, he also plays beautifully...
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6 Top Reasons Why You Should Try Being An Alpha Male

Emma and Mike used to be a loving couple until they encountered an unwanted incidence on their last date, when a bully guy tried to harass Emma and Mike didn’t show the enough courage to save his girl. Emma is upset that Mike didn’t take the charge...
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Top 10 Traits of An Alpha & Beta Male !

Jane is behaving strange since she has returned from the club both the Jane and Adam had gone previous Friday night. Adam has no idea what went wrong with her. He just knows that Jane is tense and annoyed since that very night and isn’t behaving or...
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